Monday, April 12, 2010

Motorcycle and Spain

By the way! I settled for and bought a motorbike a few weeks back. It's a Suzuki SV 650 in a brazen orange colour. I haven't decided on a name yet :) It's a lot easier getting up in the morning when I have a bike-ride to look forward to!

Here's some grainy pictures of the beauty:

I spent easter in Spain climbing the area known as Siurana. It was awesome and I'm falling in love with sportsclimbing. Looks like I'll have to spend some more money on gear!

The valley. This was our playground every day for a week!

Andreas coming down

I wish I could take credit for this climb, but this was Gustavo. Awesome!

on another note, I'm trying out ads on the site. I want them to be unobtrusive and related to the content of the blog so I'll give 'em a few weeks trial.  if they misbehave or learn bad manners they're out.


A little over a month ago I told you I'd give you more information on "The Project" (tm) when something solid was decided. Well, nothing solid has been decided yet. In the meantime you'll have to settle for the antics of my brother and I as we try to capture some ideas for a fight sequence. We ended up filming said sequence on saturday night and I think it's gonna turn out awesome when finished! We have some really good shots in there and had loads of fun shooting it.

Oh, and if you don't speak danish you won't catch a word of this. Maybe you'll still be entertained though, but I doubt it. Actually, there's no guarantee even if you do speak danish. Anyways, enough with the excuses already!

By the way, check out my brother's awesome blog!